Welcome to the world of Regan Forrester

Beth Barony is content with her middle-class, Middle America life. Really, she is. But she makes a tiny, secret birthday wish for more excitement in her life . . . and wakes up the next morning as Regan Forrester, a troubled young actor known for her rebellious smolder and empty head.

What could be more fun than playing a Hollywood princess for a day?

But Regan’s life isn’t at all glamorous. Her boyfriend is controlling and her apartment is a dump. While Beth scrambles to preserve Regan’s shaky career and tenuous relationships, Regan gleefully steals Beth’s husband, students, kids, and friends. And as the spell that switched them starts to unravel, Beth realizes why Regan wanted to escape her life: someone is trying to kill her.

If Beth doesn’t find a way to save both their lives, neither woman will have a life to go back to.

[A] real fresh twist . . . with intrigue and exciting prose throughout. Beth and Regan make engaging lead characters in [a] high-stakes body swap, both of them with emotional baggage that they need to learn how to carry. They . . . feel like fleshed-out real people . . . an accomplishment that kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end.

5-star Reader's Favorite Review

“Intriguing and wildly entertaining. The push-pull dynamic is riveting and enthralling. Urban’s prose is lovely and readable . . . Beth and Regan are captivating as characters . . . the story is refreshing and memorable.”

The BookLife Prize
Paperback $14.95
ISBN 978-1-7362247-2-4
Ebook $2.99
ISBN 978-1-7362247-3-1

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The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ takes on new meaning, with humor and a dash of emotional heft. Poignant, fast-paced, and funny.”

Elaine L. Orr author of the Jolie Gentil mysteries

Fans of Jude Deveraux’s THE SUMMERHOUSE will be delighted by the swap-for-a-day story of middle-aged Beth Barony and young super starlet Regan Forrester.

Teresa LaBella author of Capital Strings and the New Life in Love series

A great escape that leaves you content with your return . . . Urban balances weight and whimsy in crafting an entertaining plot with characters you care about and root for. A great anytime read!

Joanne Salemink author of Scout's Honor

Urban hits it out of the park with this funny and down to earth tale of being careful what you wish for! Body swaps are not my normal cup of tea but Urban sucked me in from page one and I could not put it down!

Gemma Evans author of THE HOLLYWOOD WIFE

Bought the e-book . . . Read it all today. Loved it!! Loved how deep [it went] with the conflict. I had my doubts about the premise, but [Urban] successfully made it all believable. Tremendous!

Blaine Allen author of ONE NIGHT AND ONE DAY

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